Trading US Stocks

There is a big difference between investing and trading. Investing is often associated with an assured outcome and usually aims at medium to long term financial goals. Buying stocks of S&P 500 Corporations and keep them for a few years with an almost assured annual return of 9-10% is an investment.

Whereas trading is often associated with speculation for short term profit.

Why not turn Trading into an Investment

Firstly, A New Trading-Investment Mindset. At, we want to change this perception and encourage a new Trading concept with an Investment mindset. If an investor trades for short term gain, he/she will most likely speculate. But if an investor is picking up good stocks at good prices, he/she will invest via trading. Trading becomes the vehicle, while Investing becomes the destination. The outcome of this paradigm shift can be very rewarding.


Stay with the Best – Focus & Perform.

Secondly, Stay the Course. We want our members to learn to trade by focusing solely on selected stocks of S&P 500 corporations. In order to maximize winning trades over the long run, an investor should develop the habit to only trade The Best Stocks in the world such as Google, Apple, Exxon Mobile, etc.

Minimizing the Hidden Cost of Trading has been able to secure interest free margin trading accounts for its members. seeks to collaborate with selected FSPs that are willing to provide our members with non-interest margin trading account. FSPs generally charge margin interest rates which are typically lower than credit cards and unsecured personal loans. However, there is room for negotiation because interest rate on margin loan is not mandated by federal law or federal regulation. Thus, we have been able to utilize the sheer number of our members as a bargaining chip to negotiate for an interest free margin trading account for all our members. – A simple Recipe for Success

Combining two simple strategies plus the interest-free feature, in addition to proper financial knowledge and skills that will continue provide at every juncture along the way, we believe our members will be able to develop a good trading skill set to generate good profits over the long run from trading selected S&P500 stocks. Financial education involves a learning process. A process that may take months to years. And it’s an ongoing process that will never end. But at, we promise to make it a rewarding process! Life is after all, a forever learning experience.

When it comes to investing, opportunity and risk are inseparable. At, we will teach you how to identify both so that you can invest with confidence.